Cassette “The Sounds of Earth” Deluxe

Cassette “The Sounds of Earth” Deluxe


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Cassette “The sounds of Earth” de Floating Widget, Version Deluxe Voyager I.
La cassette Deluxe inclut les 6 chansons du EP “The sounds of the Earth” + 6 chansons BONUS + un code de download en MP3.

Side F:
1. Rock & Roll Jubilee
2. Psy Walker
3. I Am the Temple
4. Albatross (Nobody Loves an)
5. Spiderzilla (feat. Snake from Voivod)
6. The Sounds of Earth (1/2)

Side W:
1. The Sounds of Earth (2/2)
2. Rock & Roll Jubilee (instrumental)
3. Psy Walker (instrumental)
4. I Am the Temple (instrumental)
5. Albatross (instrumental)
6. Spiderzilla (instrumental)
7. Rock & Rock Jubilee (2006 Demo)

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