Compilation “Revenge of the Martians vol.1”, hommage à Uncommonmenfrommars


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“Revenge of the Martians vol.1” est un album hommage au groupe de punk rock français Uncommonmenfrommars.

L’album contient 15 reprises par 15 artistes :

1) Cannibal Mosquitos, “Come to Jamaica – part 1”

2) Supermunk, “I had way too much fun”

3) Cooper, “She’s Quite A Number”

4) The shell Corporation, “Blue Pill”

5) AG sugar and Romain Vicente, “Get the Fuck Out My Life”

6) Guerilla Poubelle, “kill the Fuse”

7) Fleau, “La Noble Cause (It’s all for the greater good)”

8)Forest Pooky, “Lifetime Bus Band”

9) Johnny Mafia, “I Hate My Bans”

10) Le Ninja Copieur, “Blue Flame”

11) The Dead Krazukies, “Imaginary Feelings”

12) Hateful Monday, “Dark Sunday”

13) Topsy Turvy’s, “Go Get a Life”

14) Nofutal, “78”

15) JL and Bros, “Old School Sk8 Shoes”


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